Saor – Guardians

saor-guardians-front-cover There are some bands that fit into a very odd group, and that group is bands who have achieved massive amounts of fame with their music on websites like Bandcamp, but you’ll never see them get any sort of major news or publication. As much as that sucks, those of us who actively seek these groups out love the thrill of seeking them out and then experiencing something truly extraordinary. Saor is quite possibly the best example of such a band, and the latest offering of “Guardians” only further cement that fact.

If your album is going to have only five tracks on it, you better be sure that you’ve plenty of material to throw around to really keep the listener interested, and that goes double for such a record that has a span of over 55 minutes. If you can’t tell, “Guardians” is one such piece. The single mind behind Saor hasn’t abandoned his style that he’s done for the past three years and while the first two efforts were splendidly done without a doubt, there’s no question in saying “Guardians” is by far Saor’s magnum opus in every single way. The tranquility, serenity, volatile essences and sheer magnitude that Saor has laid down in previous albums has been built upon and expanded greatly with this record to make it a unique blend of pagan black metal that truly none can match. You can truly feel the ebb and flow of all that nature embodies flow throughout your being listening to “Guardians”, which not many artists can accomplish even once yet Saor has somehow done it for the third time. And if the serenity doesn’t fit your bill because you want a little bit more action, the aggressive yet contained rage that Saor manages to demonstrate will be quite plenty to appease you as Saor knows the value in having plenty of diversity amongst a record that is as grand as “Guardians” turned out to be. Simply put, Saor has done it again and this time he’s achieved something bigger and bolder that many imagined he could do, but still many didn’t expect, and I was of the latter.

Flawlessly weaving a style that many have done before but not quite on a scale as monstrous and beautiful as this, Saor has once again taken the spotlight as one of the unsung heroes of modern metal for the public eye, and it’s not hard to see why. “Guardians” is immensely captivating, superb in every way, and so goddamn impressive that listen and listen still wouldn’t be enough to fully comprehend what Saor has thrown down for all of us to bask in.

“Guardians” releases on November 11th!

LISTEN to “Guardians” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Saor on Facebook here.


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