Fliptop Box – Catch22

a1537579958_10 You know, I always find myself returning to rock when I just want to do something such as fix my car, do some work on the computer, or just any activity to keep my mind going. It’s the energy, the flow, and just the overall deliciousness of it all that makes me love bands that can achieve those elements. Fliptop Box is the latest band to do such for me, albeit with a few bumps in the road.

A truly good rock album has got to be captivating with either sick riffs that pull you in immediately and then proceed to keep you locked in for the entire ride or an upbeat sound that gives you plenty of feel-good vibes that bring a smile to your face. Fliptop Box doesn’t achieve either of them fully, but instead, they incorporate elements of both in fairly equal proportions that in the end make their new album of “Catch22” a pretty nice record from multiple angles. It’s got plenty of zest and intrigue that many a rock fan can get into with the approximately 38-minute album having plenty to throw at the listener with plenty of twists and turns to keep them interesting for quite a while. However, that does not persist throughout the full entirety of “Catch22”, unfortunately, with the record having a very slow yet noticeable decline in quality in the final tracks. Clunky rhythms, vocals whose sound just doesn’t match the rest of the band, and a tune that just simply isn’t that interesting all come out towards the end of “Catch22” that prove to make a fairly forgettable end to what started out as a solid piece of rock. Being an asshole critic aside, I can’t help but say that Fliptop Box has definite talent and promise that can be clearly seen in between the flaws of this record, and let’s be honest what album doesn’t truly have a flaw here or there?

While it’s sadly not a record that I can really see myself coming back to for recreational reasons, it’d be a dick move for me to not say that I enjoyed the overall experience of “Catch22” even though I didn’t see eye to eye with how the band pulled off some of its content. Fliptop Box has definite intrigue and given time I can easily see these Greeks reaching a very good place that I’d love to visit with their talent.

LISTEN to “Catch22” on Bandcamp here.

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