Drescher – Steinfeld

665_drescher_-steinfeld See, I like some thrash metal. But I also like folk metal. The two have clearly got their own distinctions that set them apart as two completely different styles of metal that are equally phenomenal in my eyes, but who would’ve thought to smash the two together? It’s such a foreign idea that without hearing some it’s an extremely hard thing to envision. Luckily, we don’t have to try for the Austrian sensation that is Drescher has done it for us, and magnificently so.

Looking at that cover art alone, there’s not much to glean from in order to attain any sort of knowledge about the actual music. What “Steinfeld” actual contains, however, is a slab of amazingly innovative yet minimalistic metal that, as someone who’s never once heard of Drescher before today, nobody could’ve seen coming. The ten pieces of fresh, new music that Drescher present with us in the form of “Steinfeld” are a brilliant and masterfully crafted mix of thrash and folk metal that really bends any sort of genre definition, as well as turning the scene upside down with a sound that only Drescher can truly call their own. It’s this ridiculously fast and powerful sound that really helps progress the album, and then in comes all the various instruments (of which I don’t know the names of at all) that add all these new layers, textures, and delicious notes that have an unnatural yet immensely cohesive sound. You just don’t see this kind of innovative thinking anymore, and you’d think it’d be a giant clusterfuck, but it’s actually the opposite that we get with “Steinfeld”. Gripping riffs that refuse to let go, powerful metal anthems, a smashing Slayer cover, and a unique texture that you can’t beat are all found within this record that will prove to be irresistible to anyone who dares listen to even one track.

An album whose name in English means “field of stones” sounds fairly unimaginative if you ask me, but thankfully it worked out for the absolute best with “Steinfeld”. Drescher completely blew me the fuck away in such a way that in no fucking way I could’ve seen it coming, and I love it for that!

“Steinfeld” releases on November 18th!

PRE-ORDER “Steinfeld” via iTunes here.

LIKE Drescher on Facebook here.


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