Sirenia – Dim Days of Dolor

658_sirenia_cmyk Whoever said that symphonies were boring? Who dared to say that they were dull, boring, and could put any bastard poor enough to experience it into slumber instantly? People who don’t know about symphonic metal, that’s who! Combining the swift melodies of an immense orchestra with the crunch and intricacies that metal also has to offer, there are literal dimensions of possibilities to be had. Sirenia, by far, has created one such world with that genre that defies expectations.

I’m the kind of guy that if I’m getting a full-length album, seeing over ten tracks gets me excited because I know that (typically) I’ll get a good variety of tracks that show what creativity the band in question manages to express. Then after that, knowing I’m in for an hour long record gets me interested because I know there’s going to be plenty of meat on that album. So right off that bat, good things to be said about Sirenia’s upcoming piece, “Dim Days of Dolor”, before I even heard a single note. And luckily, what preceded was nothing short of symphonic metal the likes of which hasn’t come around since Kamelot’s last record, and even then “Dim Days of Dolor” blows it out of the fucking water. Everything about this album is grand beyond comprehension. It’s also got sheer power the kind of which I never thought I’d see come out of Sirenia, but it’s an extremely pleasant surprise that I will happily take. All eleven tracks of “Dim Days of Dolor” (not including the one bonus song) are brilliantly crafted to show the true companionship and excellence that can come out of weaving a stunning and dramatic orchestra with an uncompromising and talented metal act. Sirenia comes back in after only a little over a year since their last full-length record to give us another one that is without a doubt the true definition of a successor in that it tops everything its predecessor ever accomplished an album, but exponentially so. If you aren’t catching my drift by that, this is easily one of the best pieces that Sirenia has ever delivered with their entire catalog being taken into account meaning full-lengths, EPs, singles, live albums; everything!

The sheer power and melodies that Sirenia bring time and again within this record are enough to bring even people who beforehand weren’t big into this band to say that they kick fucking ass. “Dim Days of Dolor” is an undeniable slab of symphonic metal that you won’t be able to put down because of how magnetic and appealing it is to literally all the senses. I’m not typically one to give albums ratings, but I’d have to give this piece a damn near perfect score – it is simply that fucking awesome!

“Dim Days of Dolor” releases on November 11th!

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