Panzerfaust – The Lucifer Principle

panzerfausttheluciferprinciplecoverartwork It’s the truly dark side of metal that can truly bring out some of the best material metal fans can experience, particularly in the underground scenes of the world. In Canada, we get interesting black metal pieces like Sorcier des Glaces and Funeste, but what about a band that wasn’t so atmospheric and really went into the darkness to only have us take a drink from the other side? As it happens, Panzerfaust is just that band.

Yes, I know “whoop-dee-doo a black metal band that can embody all that is dark and evil”! What else is new, am I right? The fact is that there really aren’t that many that truly go further than the rest and then manage to put that into a format that is cohesive, dark, massively entertaining, and artistically brilliant in every way you can think. Panzerfaust, as you might’ve already guessed, is one of those bands that embodies all of that, and it comes to a stunning result with their upcoming piece, “The Lucifer Principle”. A conceptual album that is named after Howard Bloom’s novel of the same name, goes over how man has this inherent desire to destroy one another, and how no matter what happens the cycle of blood and desecration will continue on and on despite efforts otherwise. What can be darker than the fact that there is no hope, but only death? Then what could be better than a band coming together and making an album that is as dark and sinister in its sound as its theme? If you ask me, not much, and then the fact that Panzerfaust managed to make a near flawless walk through the bleak future of man in four tracks (one of which is a Johnny Cash cover!) makes “The Lucifer Principle” an extremely delicious album that I tell you will be hard to pass up. Panzerfaust, in the most basic form, has made a terrifying record that is irresistible, and honestly, it had me listening to it again and again just to take a dip into the madness once more.

Not very often that we get such a terrifying album that can truly perform while being relentless at the same exact time, is it? At this magnitude and quality? Absolutely not. Panzerfaust has created a marvelous album that upon its release will instantly gather a cult following that will simply want more, and I’m already part of that group. “The Lucifer Principle” is an immensely infectious album that will only make you want to drink the darkness more and more.

“The Lucifer Principle” releases on December 19th!

PRE-ORDER “The Lucifer Principle” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Panzerfaust on Facebook here.


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