Amendfoil – Empyrean & Ophidian

amendfoil_empyrean_and_ophidian_-3000_3000_cover Many people regard of the metal community regard bands who actually make it onto the radio repeatedly shit on them without a thought (examples being Disturbed, Slipknot, etc., etc.), and yet rock fans clearly embrace those who make it to the radio. What if there was a happy middle ground where fans of both can come together on one album that sounds like it should be on the radio? If there is to be such an album, it is Amendfoil’s latest piece that is “Empyrean & Ophidian”.

Most, if not all, metal and rock that makes it to the radio can be classified as alternative, and Amendfoil uses that to their advantage to make some material that I can only describe to as some choice cuts of an excellent blend. “Empyrean & Ophidian” is an exceptionally well-done album of 11 tracks that in its essence can only be described as a brilliantly put together time that I can honestly see myself going back to over and over again, and it’s not often that an alternative rock/metal record makes me feel that way. Normally, they’re just so fucking watered down and follow a specific formula that we’ve all heard laid down a thousand times before, but Amendfoil doesn’t succumb to such a dull fate. These [approximately] 46 minutes are a rip-snorting good time that many groups have failed to even come close to, yet “Empyrean & Ophidian” contains undeniable riffs, hooks, twists, and turns that are just so goddamn tasty that they’re impossible to ignore the moment they entire your ear holes. It is an experience that anyone who wants the tiniest bit of mainstream flair mixed with a band that knows how to combine elements of both rock and metal to make something that can’t be contained by phrases like “hard rock”, and while that sounds like a crock of shit (yes, I’m self-aware) I demand you go listen to this record and see the magnificence for yourself.

It’s not easy for a band to try and go a route that many have done before but then try to go above and beyond, but whether they did it intentionally or not, that’s exactly what Amendfoil has achieved with this record. “Empyrean & Ophidian” is an album you will not regret investigating at all, and after getting through but the first two tracks you will instantly recognize why.

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