Testament – Brotherhood of the Snake

13906671_10157211058575332_9119799009445342773_n You know, it’s not every day that a band that’s been around for literal decades still manages to bust out monstrous albums. The genre of thrash is absolutely crawling with bands like that, and other than the Big Four, there are monsters like Testament that are still going extremely strong. And as of we needed reassurance as to why the Bay area titans still rule, we get “Brotherhood of the Snake”.

If it’s not enough to know that a titanic band hasn’t lost even a hair of what some would claim to be their “former” glory, then maybe it’s the fact that said band can still put out ridiculous albums will get you goin’. That’s precisely the case with “Brotherhood of the Snake”. Approximately 45 minutes of uncompromising thrash is what we get with Testament’s latest effort, and while it’s not a whole lot of new and fresh material, it’s nonetheless massively entertaining. We get the lightning fast guitars and unrelenting energy mixed with that tasty, tasty Bay area sound that I firmly believe Testament helped hone and refine it in recent years. And while it hasn’t reached it’s pinnacle with “Brotherhood of the Snake”, it’s certainly evident that Testament hasn’t lost a shred of their talent since their last album. Even though it’s the Big Four that typically gets all the coverage for the bigger thrash groups, we can all agree that Testament has put out a record that is absolutely worth checking out, and in my eyes, it’s one of the best thrash records I’ve heard all year which isn’t exactly something I say every single day.

Sometimes, you don’t need to change up a formula you’ve been doing for decades on end, gaining a larger fan base with each new album. Testament is a living example of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, and it’s ever so clear with the excellence that is “Brotherhood of the Snake”.

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