Ravencult – Force of Profanation

ravencult-cover I feel confident in saying that every sub-genre of metal has it’s own niche country that it can be easily associated with. Black metal gets Finland and death metal owns Sweden to name but two. But Greece? Well, they get thrash – hybrid thrash to be more specific with bands like Biotoxic Warfare giving the country a good name in the metal community, but now it’s Ravencult’s turn to represent the Greek scene in its utter brilliance.

Before I go anywhere, let me just say that there isn’t that much to go around with Ravencult’s upcoming album, “Force of Profanation”, in terms of diversity amongst the eight tracks we’re given. To be more specific, it’s the guitar work and rhythms that aren’t really all that different from one another, so in the end, you get a pretty monotone album that hardly shifts for the entirety of the record. Yet while that could easily break the experience and enjoyment one could get out of a band, Ravencult still somehow manage to make it work. “Force of Profanation” is nonetheless an entertaining album for anyone looking for a good piece of blackened thrash to really make their day. It’s a textbook example of what you should get out of a record of this style – fast as lightning, more aggressive than a taunted lion, and metal as fuck. I would have to accompany the excellence of “Force of Profanation” to how Ravencult has been at it as a band for over ten years putting out several demos, EPs, and albums that only hone their skills as a band, and that’s always a good thing to see if you ask me.

If I had to guess anything, it’s that if Ravencult refines their work just a little bit more, particularly in the beats department, then it’d be an absolute face melting piece that we couldn’t get enough of. However, “Force of Profanation” still packs one fucking hell of a punch and will not be taken sitting down upon its release.

“Force of Profanation” releases on November 11th! 

PRE-ORDER “Force of Profanation” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to 2 tracks off “Force of Profanation” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Ravencult on Facebook here.


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