Hammerhands – Largo Forte

hh_largo_forte_cover There are just so many different ideas and so many different styles that it’s hard to keep up whenever something even a tad different comes along. Be it a combination of doom or stoner, a more organic take on sludge metal, or a little of a lot, there’s always something new. In the case of Hammerhands, it’s the innovative mixture of rock with a massive presence, minimalist atmosphere, and a basis of sludge metal that makes their new album of “Largo Forte” ever so tasty.

Have you ever wanted something that can somehow really embody the dry atmosphere and subtle hostility of a barren, desert-like landscape done in a sludgy doom rock format? Neither have I, until today that is. “Largo Forte” is a smashing set of nine tracks that take up just under 50 minutes of what is probably the most intriguing style I’ve heard for a little while the likes of which I’ve never really seen before, but after hearing it I know for a fact that I want more. It’s the crushing essence that is always present in the music even when the instruments back off on the intensity, it’s the catchiness that slides its way in between the notes, and then the aggression of it all that really bring “Largo Forte” together, but it’s all the textures that at the same time conflict yet meld very well together that make it so fucking interesting. Truly, hard to put into words, but as you can see I’m trying my best. Hammerhands may have just struck gold with their unique approach to “Largo Forte” but there’s definite room for improvement, but if this album proved anything other than its own awesomeness it’s that they can surely iron out the kinks of the own style.

Sometimes being different can result in a situation that couldn’t be classified without using the word “cluster”, but it is not this day! “Largo Forte” is a very tantalizing album that I’ll definitely be revisiting, and I recommend you do the same as Hammerhands hone their sound and skill.

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One thought on “Hammerhands – Largo Forte

  1. Their minimalist approach actually leads to something much bigger than the sum of its parts here. The description you gave of it embodying “the dry atmosphere and subtle hostility of a barren, desert-like landscape” was a great way to sum it up. The harsh, sludgy, monumental bass and ambient, dark vocals create a soundscape whose atmosphere is arid and unforgiving. If this song were a wind you could breathe in, it would shrivel you to skin and bones. It’s unkind, in the best way possible. Great stuff.

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