Zaum – Eidolon

a3468814569_10 I’m more of the kind of guy that leans towards albums with plenty of moving parts and variety to go around so things don’t get stale. Now, my collection of music isn’t nearly as populated with such music simply because it’s pretty uncommon in the world of metal, but there are those few scattered gems that cannot go unnoticed. Whether it be my personal favorites of Inter Arma and/or Whispered, there’s plenty to be discovered. That rings all the truer today with my discovery of Zaum, whose new album is nothing short of a staggering achievement.

It’s gotta be something about people who desire to form doom metal bands that every now and then we get a band who truly wants and is able to go above and beyond the rest. And it’s in my opinion that psychedelic doom takes this to the maximum, and if you know a thing or two about it, you know why I say that. If you don’t, then let’s just use Zaum’s “Eidolon” as the prime example that it is. Having but two tracks to its name, this record spreads across a flat 42 minutes of mind bending doom that sounds like it was taken straight out of the jungle of an epic adventure novel. Zaum brings a beautifully perfect blend of atmosphere, crushing doom, and variety that it had me replaying these two 21 minute songs for (no joke) hours. “Eidolon” is just so amazingly hypnotic and satisfying at the same time that if you want a new embodiment of Sleep’s “Dopesmoker” to come to life, it’s happened with Zaum without a doubt in all the right ways. The whole of this record is something that you can really lean back to and drift off into a psychedelic realm that none have ever seen before, and it’s so fucking detailed and awesome that I can’t help but call this one of the most impressive albums I’ve heard all year because I just keep having to listen to it. Everything from the very craftsmanship to the flow of “Eidolon” is so well done that I still can’t get over how phenomenal it is. I don’t normally give ratings to albums because I find them arbitrary and close to meaningless in the long run, I feel compelled to say that Zaum has earned a full five shining stars with this release, no question.

For those of us who lives in parts of the world where spirituality is virtually nonexistent and the jungle is thousands of miles away, Zaum has created a scenic and psychedelic getaway that I feel confident in saying none others prior to them have done before on such a brilliant scale. “Eidolon” is a stunning set of two tracks that are eternally satisfying, and is definitely a piece that will easily make my top albums of the year list as it rightfully earns.

LISTEN to “Eidolon” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Zaum on Twitter : @zaumdoom


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