Fallen Theory – On Truth We Choke

CD100_out I find it to be very healthy for a band to wait a few years between records so that they don’t burn out creativity or just get sick of making music. Sure, some bands can just pump out so much so often and not be phased at all, but that’s very few. Fallen Theory has been pretty silent since their last record in 2014, and have been causing a little stir amongst their fan base with a new record. The calm comes just before the storm, and that proves doubly true with “On Truth We Choke”.

I’m not going to say the obvious and shove it down your throat about the album title and the impending presidential elections as I don’t want to insult your intelligence. And while that mess causes up a whole lot of negative energy and plenty of headaches, those are two things that certainly cannot be found within “On Truth We Choke” which is irrefutable proof that Fallen Theory has since gained more skill as a band in general since their previous album. The last effort was nice with its varying levels of intensity, but there was clearly work that needed to be done with the band’s everything in general, and they’ve clearly fixed every kink and all that nonsense with “On Truth We Choke”. All eleven tracks have got brilliantly laid out melodies between the instruments of Fallen Theory (just your standard guitars, bass, drums) that really help the songs carry through, but then it’s the clean vocals that cut deep with their not so subtle weighted meaning behind their lyrics, then the more harsh and intense set of vocals bust right into really throw down and pull no punches. “Sounds like metalcore” you might be saying, but it’s really not if you look at the whole thing and that’s all I’m gonna say about it because I believe Fallen Theory is one of those bands that earns to go beyond genre classification outside of metal, which they undoubtedly are, and their brand of it is nothing short of sweet and delicious for people willing to sit through all of it.

This record is really a step up for Fallen Theory in many ways, and I’ve no doubt that anyone who would happen to revisit the band with “On Truth We Choke” will definitely agree. It’s a damn good time, and give the band a few years and I’ve little question in my words when I say that they’ll come back more triumphant than ever, but it’ll be hard to top with “On Truth We Choke” being as top-notch as it is.

“On Truth We Choke” releases on November 22nd!

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