Korn – The Serenity of Suffering

korn-the-serenity-of-suffering-album-art-supplied There are bands out there that just require no introduction of any sort, and Korn is definitely one of them. As one of the longest lasting bands to have started out as nu metal, this American band has slowly come full circle. While many, myself included, find that to be at least very interesting, the question remains: does it hold up? For the most part, yes.

I’m the kind of person that isn’t really into nu metal, but it definitely has its moments. They’re not often by any means, but it’s usually Korn that makes up the vast majority of the good songs that the style is made up of. So, when people learned that “The Serenity of Suffering” was going to be a sort of return to Korn’s original style, mixed emotions understandably, but I just found it nice that the band was doing something different but familiar. Luckily enough, the final product turned out pretty well if you ask me. If you were afraid of Korn going 100% back to the 90’s and no pulling any punches you can relax as really “The Serenity of Suffering” is a middle ground between modern melodies and rhythms of nu metal to give everything an additional, healthy layer that really tantalizes the senses of anyone willing to brave through what many consider to be the worst thing to ever happen to music, which is highly debatable, but I won’t go into that. The only real problem I have with “The Serenity of Suffering” is how sometimes the music sounded way too “clean” in terms of mixing and mastering where smooth vocals clashed negatively with the real heavy crunch that the rest of the band brought. Outside of that, however, I’ve nothing bad to say about Korn’s return to their origins. I feel like many others agree with me as well.

It feels appropriate for me to say that Korn’s ever changing style from album to album is a process. I feel as the original members get back together they start to get back to what they got when they were first starting out, and it clearly shows on “The Serenity of Suffering”. I can’t honestly call this one of my favorites that Korn has ever put out, but it’s a great feeling to see that Korn is exploring all options when it comes to creating new material be it familiar or unknown territory. And to me, that’s part of being a band that too many others ignore.

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