Soothsayer – At This Great Depth

a0064020664_10 There are people who are suckers for anything fast, those who go for riff-filled songs to get them through the day, and others look for a sound with real meat to it that they can truly sink their teeth into. I, personally, go for whatever stands out and is good. Not many bands stand out even though plenty do, but when you get to the bands that stand out from even the brightest of gems in the underground . . . that’s when shit really starts getting good. Soothsayer, as you might’ve already guessed, is one such bright shining light in the underground, or rather a dark, grimacing, and very vicious beast that revels in the darkness.

If you’re going to be throwing a song that’s over six minutes at anyone, you better be damn sure that there’s enough substance in those moments to not have the same thing go for too long, or have too much happening that might overwhelm a listener. You gotta find a happy middle ground the likes of which the doom metal scene of the world is peppered with bands who fit such a description. Soothsayer is without a doubt one of those groups that have mastered the technique of longer tracks with much to go around, and even though it takes some bands album after album to really nail down it only took these Irish gents have got it down tight with their second piece of material in their what seems to be not even 2 years of even being a band! If that’s not a feat, I don’t know what is. Now, saying all that garbage is totally one thing, but actually having the material, merit, and the balls to back it up is something else entirely. And that’s exactly what “At This Great Depth” is: something else entirely.

This album has but a measly two tracks to call its own. Not very much to go with, but as with many a doom band, Soothsayer makes it work stunningly well. Clocking in at a little over 24 minutes long, “At This Great Depth” is just the sort of thing for anyone who likes their metal with a good crunch, a very menacing atmosphere that doesn’t let up, and just this gnawing sense of seething ferocity that seeps through every note and growl that Soothsayer pumps out. While everything about “At This Great Depth” is absolutely fantastic as a whole, it has to be the atmosphere that cuts the deepest as it’s just ever present. The vocals then salt the gashes with their straight nastiness with the subtle melodies creeping in and dousing your whole being in waves of darkness that you simply revel in because of how oh so sweet of a sound it is that you’re experiencing. Very few bands can capture that. Soothsayer has attained the ability with “At This Great Depth” to grasp the listener in such an unforgettable way that when the music is over you’re scrambling to play the music again, but not because it’s catchy or has some attractive pieces about it – no – you just want to experience it. You want to dive back into something that you can drift off to, forget your day and your troubles, and just enjoy something. And even though it’s not the calmest thing, “At This Great Depth” is without a doubt an astonishing, stunning, and vast album that is truly something awesome to behold.

Ireland is one of the last places I’d look for phenomenally well done metal, but leave it to the genius of five men to bring that to a reality. It’d be easy for me to say that this is one of my favorite releases on the year, and it is, but since I can throw that phrase around for any piece of music that happen to hear, I demand you all who doubt my words go and check out “At This Great Depth” at the very tail end of the year. It’s just one of those albums that come out that I have to recommend to anyone wanting good metal, and I mean that with utmost emphasis on the word “good”. Soothsayer have created something special with this record that’s both dark and extremely formidable, but also eeriely enticing, attractive, and so goddamn enjoyable that even after listening to it for hours I still can’t over how fucking awesome it is!

“At This Great Depth” releases on December 30th!

PRE-ORDER “At This Great Depth” on Bandcamp here.

LISTEN to the first track “Umpire” via No Clean Singing here, or on Bandcamp here or below.

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FOLLOW Soothsayer on Twitter : @SoothsayerDoom


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