Cwealm – Odes to the Hereafter

a3426263863_10 I’m not typically one for stereotypes as I find most of them pretentious and vastly unnecessary, but I, of course, am only human. For the longest time, I’ve assumed 100% of bands to come out of Gothenburg where of the melo-death style. Thankfully, I’ve been proven wrong with Cwealm, who brings a similar yet slightly different take that shows to be pretty goddamn entertaining.

If I were any type of elitist I’d say this album is Swedish melodic death black metal (SMDBM (why not?)), but I kind of like you people so I’ll spare you and just refer to this as black metal; some people like specifics, though. Either way, moving on! I feel great pleasure in telling you that “Odes to the Hereafter” is both a debut album (already on a great start), and is made by just one (count ’em – one!) man who hails from the aforementioned realm of Gothenburg. First off, let me just say the album has its own few kinks that could be ironed out, but in the overall product, you can’t deny the potential and quality held within the tracks of this record. “Odes to the Hereafter” contains a very solid set of nine tracks that whether it be on a very casual listen or you’re looking for something to sink your teeth into for a little over 40 minutes, Cwealm has got something that could be just what you’re looking for. With this being a debut, there’s plenty of room for improvement and further success, and I’ve no doubt the man behind Cwealm can definitely achieve such a thing, for this record is a very interesting piece that even after listening through twice has plenty to discover. Be it the excellent mixture of death and black metal or with various melodic driven bits, “Odes to the Hereafter” has a little bit of everything that you could want out of a debut.

Personally, I find it more intriguing to know that a band has potential and then the subsequent wait to it come to fruition, rather than just know a band will continue to roll out records without any sort of interest or wonder to go with it for listeners. It’s the former that’s naturally happening right now with me and Cwealm, and I’ve no doubt the man will make it a reality. “Odes to the Hereafter” is a magnificent starting point, now on to the next stop, my good man!

LISTEN to “Odes to the Hereafter” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

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