HammerFall – Built To Last

hammerfall-built-to-last It’s no contest in contesting the might of HammerFall given their legend that has been going for decades, but to say whether or not they’ve done their fair share of branching off in terms of creativity is simply a fact. But as with most bands that last for multiple decades, these Swedes come full circle and once more don their crowns as one of the irrefutable kings of power metal. But it’s “Built To Last” that may make them the definitive kings of power metal of all time.

I’ll say upfront that I’m a long time fan of HammerFall, but as with all the music that I listen to I do my best to not let that cloud my judgment. So I spun the record once or twice, realized that no matter how I looked at it that it was the absolute shit, and then just proceeded to be in an epic world for the next . . . . however many hours. May or may not have lost track. Regardless, the ten tracks that HammerFall somehow managed to conjure up with “Built To Last” easily stand among previous albums like “Threshold” and “No Sacrifice, No Victory” as some of the best to have ever come out of this band. Soaring melodies and magnificent riffs paired with vocals of both the lead singer and the entire band come together to create an experience of epic proportions that few bands can really match nowadays. Leave it to HammerFall to remind the metal world what it means to be both practical and massively rewarding at the same exact time, seemingly wth minimal effort. Everything about the record, in the simplest terms, just comes all together so well and fluidly that even after enjoying the fuck out of it an absolute multitude of times, it’s still hard for even me to digest all of it.

“Built To Last” is, without a doubt, an essential record to check out for not only HammerFall followers but anyone who wants to hear a piece that’s on a truly massive scale by the end of the year. Not only have these gentlemen come back to give us, even more, excellence the likes of which only they can provide, but they’ve made what stand among their best albums ever created and that fills me with nothing but joy for both this album and any future pieces.

“Built To Last” releases on November 4th!

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