Civil War – The Last Full Measure

689_civilwar_cmyk The idea of having a gimmick can go really two differents ways – good or bad. Pretty simple. All depends on how the band executes their specific gimmick. There’s plenty of special ones out that like Alestorm and Whispered that make their’s work wondrously. The thought of war-themed metal is not exactly untouched (looking at you, Sabaton), but it’s Civil War that makes their interesting blend of metal about the civil war (who saw that coming?) truly something to behold.

As I’m typing this I’ve got a massive cold that I’ve been afflicted with for a few days, and with it came along a bad headache (not trying to give a personal update, just stick with me). On my first listen of “The Last Full Measure” it just sounded nauseating and overbearing, but by the power of modern medicine and giving it a few hours I came back to the record and found my opinion had done a complete 360-degree turn. If we’re talking in terms of straight heavy metal done right, Civil War is about to bust out the best album of its kind since Iron Maiden’s “The Book of Souls”. I know that’s a giant comparison to make, but I say it with confidence! The twelve anthems that Civil War throw at us with “The Last Full Measure” are just the sort of music that really fit an over-dramatized scene of every act of a great battle during the Amercian civil war complete with before and after the bloody display. Throw together rhythmic guitars, drums, and bass along with a set of keyboards that bring another layer of excellence and grandeur to the mix, then vocals that even sound vaguely like that Bruce Dickinson, and you got one fucking hell of a performance that anyone who experiences it in its entirety will not forget soon. “The Last Full Measure” is a lengthy album, yes, but please do not let that deter you from investigating the record. Civil War does nothing but justice for the subject material by transforming it into a format that only an elite few can, and they prove themselves to be a part of that group heaps with this record alone. I’ve never listened to this band before, but goddamn it “The Last Full Measure” is going to make me change that.

If you’ve been looking for a heavy metal record to really get your gears going and to help satiate that fix you’ve got, mark your calendar for the release of “The Last Full Measure”, for I can just about promise you it will be beyond what you could’ve ever wanted. I’m demanding you investigate Civil War come November 4th because it will surely leave a mark on you as it has with me, and that’s not something easily forgotten with music as we all know.

“The Last Full Measure” releases on November 4th!

PRE-ORDER “The Last Full Measure” via iTunes here.

LIKE Civil War on Facebook here.

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