Itnuveth – Enchantments

itnuveth_enchantments Everyone who delves as far into the world of metal as I do has at least a couple of bands that hardly anyone anywhere has heard of, but every time that band puts out an album you find yourself investigating without question. I’ve naturally got a few. Azooma, Feign, and Ende are but a few, but it’s Itnuveth that’s probably the least known, and I find it very criminal that’s still the case.

Ever since their debut album from two years back, the Spanish duo of Itnuveth has shown a steady increase in their skill and mastery of their brand of pagan black metal in a way that I find extremely interesting. As their third record, “Enchantments” serves at what is ultimately the best album from Itnuveth that we’ve seen yet. The entirety of the album has this primitive, and sometimes even medieval, sound that permeates every single layer of “Enchantments” to where it becomes an integral part of the experience that the music brings to the table. Particularly in the song of “Jhotnar” is this very evident in, but it’s then woven in with excellently done black metal the likes of which we only ever see come out of the underground anymore. Because honestly, when’s the last time we’ve heard bands like Immortal or Darkthrone sound this raw yet so good in recent years? Busting in with soaring rhythms and blood-curdling vocals in the form of death metal-esque growls and black metal shrills, Itnuveth truly shows off their prowess as musicians with “Enchantments” to show what they’re really capable of, and what it’s nothing to scoff at in any way. And while some bands tend to trail off and try to make little changes to their overall style by their third record, Itnuveth have not for they’ve no need to, instead they’ve just built upon the foundation they’ve had since their debut. Needless to say, they’ve gone nowhere but up since that humble beginning of “The Way of the Berserker”.

It is easy for me to say that “Enchantments” that takes the cake for the whole of Itnuveth’s discography up to this point. In a way they’re like Feared to me how they continue to come back each and every year with a fantastic album that beats anything they’ve done previously, and I’ve got nothing but confidence in saying that will only continue to be true in the future for Itnuveth as they’re at a magnificent place as a band and they can only go up. Mark my words.

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