Destrage – A Means to No End

destrage_-_a_means_to_no_end As time goes by, there’s always going to be people to see if they can push the limits of whatever they please in whatever way they possibly can. Music is by far no exception, and metal is, of course, one of those exceptions. With progressive metal, it’s already in the name! But some bands will always try to go above and beyond to try and create something interesting that hasn’t been heard before. Destrage is without doubt one of those bands, and one of the most successful ones.

The whole term and idea that is “mathcore” really isn’t out of place here, but in the end I’ve but no choice in saying that Destrage doesn’t fit any one sub-genre of metal, rock, or whatever you want to think about, but instead the perfect way I can describe their upcoming album of “A Means to No End” is forward thinking. That’s basically another way of saying progressive, I know, but notice how I didn’t attach the word metal or rock to the word, simply because I don’t feel like classifying this album all that much. Destrage manages to do what many bands can’t with this record – transcend description. Their style is just so much of a little of a lot that it’s hard to wrap your mind around even after listen to all thirteen tracks of this album, and they aren’t anything to scoff at, neither. While “A Means to No End” can be a little weird for anyone who isn’t familiar with the super progressive, there’s no denying that the subtle rhythms amongst all the clashing instruments and vocal styles are captivating to say the very least, allowing Destrage to truly flex their musical muscles in ways many others shudder at. Be it the metalcore vocal presentation or how aggressive “A Means to No End” is with its out-of-the-box thinking, many will turn away from the album because they don’t fancy that sort of shit, but those who look through all that and really look at the record will see that Destrage has plenty of talent and there’s a fuck ton of enjoyment to be had out of this record.

Sometimes what others call a giant colossal sack of shit that’s nothing but a mess (not quoting or paraphrasing anyone) can be something truly and utterly stunning to other people like myself. Destrage prove with “A Means to No End” that they aren’t fucking around even a little bit and that even though some people may look down upon them for being so forward thinking, they are a train of intrigue that will not stop anytime soon.

“A Means to No End” releases on October 21st!

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