Obituary – Ten Thousand Ways to Die

a4067034761_10 For every genre of music out there comes with it a select group of bands that are synonymous with the genre itself. Concerning death metal, Obituary is undoubtedly alongside bands like Cannibal Corpse and Death for the style. Staying around for 30 years is nothing to scoff at, but then continuing to be fucking awesome consistently the entire time is even better. And as if to commemorate their feat, the putrid beauty that is “Ten Thousand Ways to Die” was made a reality.

Sadly, there are people like me who simply don’t have the time, money, or ways of transport in order to get to venues in order to experience our favorite bands live. Luckily, live albums are a thing, and Obituary, like many metal titans, is no stranger to the idea. At the same time, however, they realize the need for new content to keep the masses aware that they’re still alive and kicking in terms of creativity. “Ten Thousand Ways to Die” consists of two brand new songs straight out of the studio, “Loathe” and the title track, that are just the sort of gory and brutal shit you’d expect for Obituary, for they do not disappoint at all. Then what follows  are eleven songs recorded live in strikingly good quality in such a way that I can’t tell whether they sound good off the albums or done live, and that’s usually not an argument for me (I tend to lean more towards the studio). And while this album has so many awesome tracks from these legends within its boundaries such as “Centuries of Lies”, “‘Til Death”, and “Chopped in Half-Turned Inside Out” to name a few bits of excellence, it’s something else that catches my fancy about “Ten Thousand Ways to Die”. It’s the reality that every single song was recorded in a totally different city, but the editing jobs and quality of the whole experience are so unbroken and stunningly well done that, as someone who’s really into that kind of technical behind-the-scenes shit, makes the entire album sound like one long seamless concert really makes the album infinitely more enjoyable in my eyes. Not many bands have the capability to do so, but Obituary clearly did and they did a magnificent fucking job with the final product that is ever so goddamn delicious.

I’ve always been enthralled by live albums because they bring a great time that I couldn’t experience first hand to my car, or to my iPod, or to my computer, and that’s led me to hear a lot of them. But it is Obituary that has made was one of the best that I’ve ever heard, and I mean that in every single fucking way. “Ten Thousand Ways to Die” is an absolute treat for any who’d want more fresh material from these legends and then those who want to hear the energy that Obituary bring to the stage, and I’ve confidence in saying that both parties will not be disappointed in even the slightest way.

“Ten Thousand Ways to Die” releases on October 21st!

PRE-ORDER “Ten Thousand Ways to Die” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to 3 tracks off “Ten Thousand Ways to Die” on Bandcamp here.

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