CrystalMoors – The Mountain Will Forgive Us

a4007540897_10 Every band has its own thing whether it be a specific style or certain sound that not many others have, that’s pretty obvious. What’s even clearer is how some bands stick out much more than others. One style that always stood out was the mixture of black and folk metal to create something truly raw that can easily flip to more tranquil pieces of which CrystalMoors masters wondrously with their new album.

The entirety of “The Mountain Will Forgive Us” comes with a whopping 17-tracks without any of them being bonuses or anything like that. That’s a fucking lot no matter how you look at it for any band that isn’t grind, and it may seem daunting with plenty of the tracks going well over five minutes long, but CrystalMoors makes it well worth it for anyone willing to stick around for the entire duration. The big thing that really gets me going about this record is how the first ten songs are pretty standard black metal with CrystalMoors’ own unique flavor thrown in there to make things pretty damn interesting, but then the remaining seven tracks are purely instrumental with fantastic use of a wide range of vocals, instruments, and atmosphere that truly brings out the folk metal of CrystalMoor that, while not overly amazing in my opinion, is nothing to mock at all. “The Mountain Will Forgive Us” is an experience akin to that of a journey through a thick mist that shrouds something truly magnificent, but you’ve gotta search for it, and then it’s the final acts of the album that show the overwhelming levels of subtle majesty to be found within CrystalMoors. There are so much intrigue and interest to be found within this album that it’s honestly been a struggle to put it into words, yet I did, but this is utterly one of those records that you have to hear for yourself if you truly want to get what it’s all about, and what it’s about is nothing small or unimportant in the slightest.

An adventure that is somehow both ominous and mystically enveloping at the same time, “The Mountain Will Forgive Us” is an absolute essential for anyone interested in pagan metal, blackened folk, or whatever you wanna fucking call it – you’ll just enjoy it, how about that? As for CrystalMoors . . . I can’t see them going anywhere but up as we surely cannot expect anything less than pure awesomeness from this veteran band.

BUY “The Mountain Will Forgive Us” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “The Mountain Will Forgive Us” on Bandcamp here.

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