Serpentine Dominion – s/t

serpentine_dominion_-_serpentine_dominion Let’s be honest here, alright? With all the supergroups to be excited about in terms of more well-known musicians from bigger bands, few had garnered as much anticipation, scrutiny, and interest than Serpentine Dominion. Their debut isn’t even out yet, and already they’ve received much unneeded and unwanted criticism from those who haven’t heard what a fucking vicious beast the album is in actuality. In short, far from a disappointment.

First off, let me just say that this whole album was based upon the simplest and most acceptable reason ever to make any sort of music: for fun. Not a goddamn thing wrong with that anywhere, and I’ve respect to the members of Serpentine Dominion who have been honest in saying that they pretty much just wanted to make this band and record simply because they felt like it. And with that out of the way, their debut fucking shreds! While the basis of Serpentine Dominion itself is pretty fucking basic (take Cannibal Corpse and throw Adam D (vocals and guitar style) in there every now and then) there’s no denying the immense power behind this trio. Coming in always smashing with guitars that are the reason why the phrase “face melting” exists, each and every track off this record is a death metal fans absolute dream, and with two out of the nine tracks being instrumental and mostly acoustic, they’re good breaks from the ongoing onslaught. One thing I was not expecting was clean vocals. I figured they’d be featured a little bit, but they occurred way more often than I originally thought, but the final product actually comes out pretty fucking nice, if you ask me, with both vocals being awesome contrasts and having great synergy that few bands can replicate in such a way. My only lament is how short the songs of this 9-track debut are simply because I just want more after hearing such excellence! And I lied actually, the other thing that gives me sadness is the fact that if we ever were to get a follow-up record, it’d be years and years away given the members’ extremely busy schedules. Yet, I’m sure it’d be even better than this glorious piece and I’m more than content in giving them all the time they could possibly ever need.

After jamming out to this album many, many times, I can honestly tell you that if you enjoyed what you’ve heard of Serpentine Dominion so far, then goddamn will you enjoy the full album. It’s a massive trip of soul crushing death metal with its own twists and turns to keep things interesting, and is but further proof that the gentlemen involved are but gods among modern metal musicians.

“Serpentine Dominion” releases on October 28th!

PRE-ORDER “Serpentine Dominion” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to 2 tracks off the album on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Serpentine Dominion on Facebook here.

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