Red Fang – Only Ghosts

a1546996237_10 There’s this niche group if you’re not aware, of bands of magnificent quality on a very respectable scale, yet they aren’t names that you could bring up in a conversation with a fellow metalhead/rocker and they would instantly know. It’s a group that’s right below titans like Iron Maiden or Dark Funeral, but just as good. Red Fang is in such a caliber of bands, but it is “Only Ghosts” that has the potential to propel them further.

I’ve always been into Red Fang because their brand of stoner rock has always stood out amongst many others by being captivating yet having a subtle element of simplicity thrown in to make their music all the more interesting. Their upcoming album of “Only Ghosts” takes all of that deliciousness and amplifies it by ten million and then some. Bar one track, all of “Only Ghosts” is a wondrous trip of god-tier stoner rock that is the kind of album that you can literally just throw on repeat then proceed to listen to it for hours on end. Hell, that’s what I did and I didn’t even mean for it to happen. Then imagine all the things Red Fang have been known to be great for, build a foundation over top of that made entirely out of sick riffs, and let sit for at least three years and you get “Only Ghosts”. A recipe that only Red Fang could’ve pulled off in such wonderful fashion. This is just one of those records that if you don’t hear it then you will be hearing what everyone else says about, then you’ll go to finally listen to it, and you’ll immediately go “goddamn I should’ve checked this out sooner!” Or something very similar.

Red Fang has returned triumphantly in such a way that no one could’ve ever seen coming, and I can already tell that no one will have a single qualm about that. The wonder that is “Only Ghosts” is, without doubt, the best album that Red Fang has ever put out as a band, and shows that if there’s anywhere to go for this awesome bands it is most definitely up.

“Only Ghosts” releases on October 14th!

PRE-ORDER “Only Ghosts” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to 4 tracks off “Only Ghosts” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Red Fang on Twitter : @RedFang


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