God – God I

14699661_167380173715553_1663932247_o The name of a band can really tell a lot about the mindset of the band itself. It can be evidence that the band doesn’t take themselves too seriously or they’re being as serious as possible of the genre in question. Examples would include Cannibal Corpse for embodying their brand of death metal, and then Steel Panther for their more whimsical take. God, though? Could go a lot of different directions, but in this instance, it goes in a direction I think everyone can happily agree with.

I was a little afraid that the band would try to be all pretentious and religious and all that garbage by naming their band God because there’re jackasses like that out there, you know, but that’s nowhere near the case for these guys. Instead, what we got is a display of instrumental progressive metal the likes of which no one could’ve seen coming, and since I judge too much by a band’s name alone I feel I was the least prepared for the reality. And the reality is the fact that God’s album, simply titled “God I” (assuming “I” is the Roman numeral for one), is a 40+ minute piece of instrumental progressive metal experience that honestly does sound like the creation, persisting existence, and the eventual end of infinity itself. With “God I” being entirely instrumental, it adds a sort of freedom in terms of interpretation so literally whatever image the music invokes for each person will be a unique experience for every person, and that’s truly something special if anything. While at times the metal can feel a bit clunky where the rhythms and sounds just don’t match up at that well, God manage to create an album that I can definitely recommend to anyone who wants something very interesting.

“God I” may not be absolutely fucking mind-blowing in my personal opinion, but it is undoubtedly a unique album that I can easily see myself returning to every now and then. Of all the progressive metal bands to keep an eye out for, I can honestly say that God absolutely makes that list for me without question.

One new track from “God I” will be released every 2 weeks from Aug. 22nd to Dec. 25th!

LISTEN to the currently released tracks off “God I” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE God on Facebook here.


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