Azooma – The Act of Eye

a1269997967_10 Alright! That’s it! Sit down, kids, right now. Right fucking now! I want you to throw something out the window right now: the stereotype amongst too many people that the only good albums come from bigger, more well-known labels and from more well-known bands. Fuck that shit because right here I have you an example of one of the best death metal experiences of this year, and it came from the most humble of beginnings possible. I present to you, “The Act of Eye” from the future sensation of Azooma.

Imagine all the countries that we metalheads turn to for exemplary metal of the highest caliber. Finland, Greece, America, Sweden, Norway, and India are some of the highlights on my own list, but there’s one that stands out more than anything: Iran. Death metal from Iran really turns the head, doesn’t it? I’m not saying that because of all the politics surrounding the country, fuck that noise, I’m talking about the metal scene, which as far as I know is more or less non-existent. Yet, Azooma still managed to find their own little foothold in the country’s scene. With their debut, “A Hymn of the Vicious Monster”, they made one fucking hell of an impact, showing that they thought outside of the box and put it into a form that only those who love the extreme could get into, yet had such intricacy and technicality to it that is was nothing short of a marvel. Then the question loomed large overhead: will they drop the ball with a follow-up record? The answer: of fucking course not!

“The Act of Eye” is a straight up marvel of modern death metal that has so many different elements that I firmly believe only Azooma could make it work. It’s just one of those things that can only happen when a certain sequence of events occur as the stars aligned, and Azooma somehow managed to find their way to right now with this brand new album. And it’s nothing short of perfection. Lucid rhythms from another dimension, stunning vocals of both the clean and growly nature, and orchestral glory along with so much more all come together to form the titanic presence that is “The Act of Eye” that, while only Azooma’s second piece of work as well as their first full-length, proof that these gentlemen not only know how to create extremely stunning death metal, but they know how to improve upon what they’ve already done versus just doing the same fucking things repeatedly. Much like their first album, “The Act of Eye” is a concept album which adds a whole other layer to the already thick mix, but good luck trying to understand the story without the lyrics in front of you, but that ultimately doesn’t affect my overall enjoyment of the record simply because of everything else surrounding the story I’m ignorant of. This experience through violent dimensions and bombastic realms is something that I can’t help but ask you all to take the time and go through this eight act mastery of death metal at least, just so you have got a shot at seeing what I see.

Azooma blew me the fuck away with their debut, so I admittedly had high hopes for this record, and I did my best to not let my love and anticipation get in the way. Looking at “The Act of Eye” from the perspective as both a fan and someone trying to be critical of the piece, I’ve one whole negative thing to point out: the music sounds a tad clunky for a few instance. That’s it. Everything else: perfection the likes of which nobody could’ve seen coming. Undoubtedly one of my favorite albums of the year, Azooma have shown everyone that they aren’t just some fad, but they are a force to be reckoned with and I feel like we all know “The Act of Eye” is just the beginning, yet it’s already miles ahead of what other bands have been putting out for fucking decades. And if that’s not awesome, then I don’t know what is.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to go buy several copies of this excellence.

LISTEN to “The Act of Eye” on Bandcamp here.

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