Wovenwar – Honor is Dead

wovenwar_-_honor_is_dead It’s not very often anymore that I’m impressed with metalcore. The last time it bewildered me was Devil You Know’s last album, and before that, it was all the way back in 2014 with A Breach of Silence. But with every calm comes something fantastic in the end, and that has just happened for me with Wovenwar’s fucking smasher that is their upcoming album, “Honor is Dead”.

Anyone who heard Wovenwar’s self-titled debut album two years ago knew that these guys went fucking around, and many loved it. I, personally, thought it was alright as I wasn’t in love with it. Then the question loomed: will Wovenwar succumb to the sophomore slump? The answer: a big ol’ fuck no. The smack in the face that are the eleven tracks of “Honor is Dead” are nothing to scoff at. And much like Devil You Know, Wovenwar decided to make their follow-up record infinitely heavier than their first. To me, that makes it ridiculously more entertaining as Wovenwar can really cut loose and let nothing back with the heavier sound and attitude they bring with “Honor is Dead”. What’s also great is they don’t just think to be heavier and meaner makes them instantly great – no, around all that Wovenwar weave and craft excellent pieces of their sound that are simply gripping to say the least, and with a consistent high quality sound the entirety of “Honor is Dead” is by no means at all anything to scoff at. There’s, of course, the emotion that metalcore tends to be associated with applied to this album, but it’s not over-powering in any way, and Wovenwar instead allows the music itself to do the talking while reinforcing it with the lyrics, rather than the other way around.

In its essence, “Honor is Dead” is first a new leaf for Wovenwar in every sense, but second, it is an album that many bands of this kind will look to for inspiration simply because of how remarkable the entire album is. Wovenwar may not have been for very long, but already their future looks bright and their legacy more than cemented in the ranks of the scene’s most intriguing bands.

“Honor is Dead” releases on October 21st!

PRE-ORDER “Honor is Dead” via iTunes here.

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