Deprive – Temple of the Lost Wisdom

cover It’d be the biggest understatement to say that the global scene of death metal is not saturated to the point where you could listen to five different bands a day all your life, and never hear the same one twice. And while there’s plenty of magnificent talent among them, there’re infinitely more bands that have untapped potential that we’ve only glimpsed at this point. Deprive is one of those bands, without a doubt.

You ever listen to an album, and you know for a fact that you’re not enjoying the album likes it’s a magnificent piece, but you keep listening because it’s just got that interesting sound and texture that keeps you in? That’s what happened with me for Deprive’s “Temple of the Lost Wisdom”. The whole ten tracks off this album are a very good representation of some raw, unforgiving death metal with a bit of a primitive sound quality to give it an odd edge that many bands lack nowadays, and that made the album interesting to listen to for me. However, it’s the simple fact that while Deprive has got all the exact right elements and parts needed to make a very awesome album, but to me, they just didn’t come together quite as well as they could have in the end. Albeit, I still did enjoy “Temple of the Lost Wisdom” as it had a nice classic death metal sound to it while still having a decent modern feel to it, and just an overall factor of magnificent pacing that really helped carry the album along. All of the right things just didn’t come together to create one fluid experience which did dampen my resulting enjoyment of “Temple of the Lost Wisdom”, but it is by no means a bad record.

This is proof that the gears are turning in the man behind Deprive and given just a bit more time I’m sure we can see something truly fucking ridiculous come out of the band. “Temple of the Lost Wisdom” is definitely a hint at genius shrouded in death and darkness, which is just what the doctor ordered.

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