Kyng – Breathe In the Water

14225545_10154574244562318_600577948927168827_n Of all the stoner rock bands to have come out of America in recent years, anyone who knows the scene knows for a fucking fact that Kyng is right there at the top. They’ve got a sound that is eternally gripping and only gets better the more you listen to it. The anticipation was high for their new album, “Breathe In the Water”, and as always they did not disappoint.

The best way I can describe Kyng’s sound for someone who’s never heard it is to simply imagine a top notch radio quality rock that has a solid crunch to it, but it doesn’t sound as mechanical or manufactured as many radio bands tend to be like nowadays, unfortunately. Kyng has real soul, and the excellent amount of talent to back it up as well. While they blew away many, myself included, with their last album “Burn the Serum”, it’s “Breathe In the Water” that prove they aren’t a one hit wonder. All fourteen tracks of this 50+ minute album is a roller-coaster of sorts that you’ll only find within the world of stoner rock, but you won’t find it in such extremely perfection than what can be found with Kyng. And if nothing else, Kyng is surprisingly consistent as there’s not even a single dip in awesome going forward with “Breathe In the Water”, and it’s easily one of the best rock albums to have come out in maybe the last few years. Bold statement, I know, but Kyng have earned such a title with this album. It’s a great fucking time that if you’re any sort of rock fan, in general, you are not going to want to pass this record up, I promise you.

Kyng has made an essential album to hear before the year comes to an end if I’ve ever fucking seen one. Some people feared that these Californians will have lost their touch moving on from “Burn the Serum”, but “Breathe In the Water” is a very welcome surprise for literally anyone who’s lucky enough to hear it.

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