Sepulchral Curse – At the Onset of Extinction

a1471798759_10 There are a few countries out there in the world that if I wanted to do a world tour of the best places to see metal at its finest, I’d go to quite a few places. Sweden, India, Greece, and maybe even Brazil to name a few. But an essential stop would, without a doubt, be Finland with its extreme roster of excellence, and Sepulchral Curse is up there as one of the country’s finest.

It’s always neat to me whenever a band tries out different styles because it shows the band doesn’t have a limited mindset in the realm of “we have to do this and only this” like they’ve no say in what they actually want to play. Not Sepulchral Curse, however, who have decided to move from the magnificence of old school death metal to blackened death metal with “At the Onset of Extinction”. Went from gory and brutal to blasphemy ridden and unrelenting, essentially which is a magnificent transition and all the proof we need is from this album. Although holding a scant four tracks to its name, “At the Onset of Extinction” packs one fucking hell of a punch and tells the entire world that Sepulchral Curse isn’t fucking around in the slightest. From spine-chilling riffs to piercing vocals that leave nothing but flames in their wake, this record is nothing to scoff at. Every track contains naught but ridiculous intensity and insane levels of enjoyment, and with a nine-minute finale what’s not to love? While it’s obviously not among one of the best fucking things to have ever come out of Finland, Sepulchral Curse has shown with “At the Onset of Extinction” alone that they are among the elite underground scene of their illustrious country. Every second of this 4-track piece was just an absolute fucking hell of a time for not just blackened death, but chaos in general in terms of both quality and overall darkness of the content. And it’s coming out mid-December, so if you wanna end the year in darkness, outside of the flames of the church burning on the cover art, you’re going to definitely want to invest in Sepulchral Curse.

An album of pure darkness and magnificent chaos, “At the Onset of Extinction” gets a well-deserved thumbs up from me, no question. I expect nothing short of excellence from Sepulchral Curse in the future in ways that will blow this record right out of the fucking water, albeit already mind-blowing to begin with.

“At the Onset of Extinction” releases on December 15th!

PRE-ORDER “At the Onset of Extinction” via Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sepulchral Curse on Facebook here.


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