King Hiss – Mastosaurus

kinghiss_mastosaurus_artwork Of all the dumb things I do when searching for an album to investigate upon without looking at the corresponding band name, is I judge by the cover art alone. Terrible habit to acquire, but it’s hard to argue that a lot of awesome albums have equally awesome covers. Perfect example: King Hiss’ upcoming album of “Mastosaurus” that is undeniably one of the best stoner rock albums of the year. Period.

The last really good stoner rock album I heard was the last record of the German group Greenleaf, and before that it was “Burn the Serum” by the Americans of Kyng. Now, it’s Belgium’s turn which is where King Hiss hail from if you couldn’t guess. “Mastosaurus” is in its entirety a great time that never ceases to excite even after the second, third, or even fifth spin, and that’s something that hardly any bands can pull off even after being around for actual decades. King Hiss has only been around for not even five fucking years, and they’ve already pronounced themselves as a force to be reckoned with given the awesomeness of “Mastosaurus”. It’s got all the sick beats, ridiculous amounts of groove, and just enough variety spread out through the ten tracks of this album that keep getting better every single time they play. It’s simply that infectious, there’s no other way to put it. There’s no dip in quality or enjoyment to be found in “Mastosaurus” and I can just about promise you that after listening to even one track off this magnificent record that you will agree with me without question.

If there was any band I want to be thrown into the modern spotlight of rock, no matter the style, I want King Hiss to be right in the middle. They’ve shown to have mastery over their craft that was accomplished in such a short span of time that it’s nothing short of stunning, and “Mastosaurus” is a perfect embodiment of King Hiss’ musical prowess.

“Mastosaurus” releases on October 31st!

PRE-ORDER “Mastosaurus” via iTunes here.

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