Mesarthim – .- -​.​.​. .​.​. . -. -​.​-​. .

a4090602649_10 When it comes down to who literally dominates the metal scene of Bandcamp, there are quite a few names to be had. But with black metal, there are a few mammoths that constantly get the spotlight with every release: Saor, A Diadem of Dead Stars, and Mesarthim. Most recently, as you might already know, it’s once again Mesarthim’s turn in the spotlight.

The realm of atmospheric black metal is in a league all of its own on Bandcamp, as any metal head who frequents the site will know. Like I said, Mesarthim are part of an elite group that constantly top the charts with each new album, and some even staying at the top for months on end, and after a sample of the band’s work, it’s not hard to discover why that’s the case. The genius of this one man band shows once again within “.- – . . . . . . . -. – . – . .”, and that would be Morse code for those who do not know what to make of that. And contained within the record is what I can confidently call Mesarthim’s most dissonant and eerie album, albeit still not all that different from what we’ve already come to expect from the mastermind behind the band. The simplicity mixed with elegance comes together to create a very potent concoction with everything about “.- – . . . . . . . -. – . – . .” from the haunting vocals, massive riffs brought by the guitars and bass, the beats introduced by the drums, and mystifying symphonies to make you feel like you’re floating through the vast void of space. Essentially, this is nothing we wouldn’t expect from Mesarthim as it’s not drastically different, but it’s just one of those things you don’t mind hearing over and over again so long as it’s put differently. And if you ask me, Mesarthim doesn’t need to do much more to prove the genius behind the person simply titled “.”.

Mesarthim has been making awesomeness for literally years at a steady rate with no sign of slowing down even a little bit, or a lowering in quality by even the smallest iota. “.- – . . . . . . . -. – . – . .” is truly a thing of odd beauty that if you want to flow through the vastness of space in a dissonant trip you didn’t know you wanted to take, I’d absolutely prescribe this album for your pleasure.

LISTEN to “.- -… … . -. -.-. .” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Mesarthim on Facebook here.


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