Mohraang – Underworld of Khorrendus

a2084885802_10 Much like how I think the cold, harsh lands of places like Canada and Scandinavia are some of the perfect places for any type of metal given how unforgiving environments they can be. Lately, you just don’t see a lot of bands out of Russia which fit the previous description, so allow me to introduce the crushing one man doom band of Mohraang out of said esteemed country.

There’s a fuck ton of potential to be had in all styles of metal, and doom is no such exception with there always be at least a few new bands emerging in the underground scene all over the world that show they’ve something worth hearing. In the case of Mohraang, it’d be his debut album of “Underworld of Khorrendus”. It’s got a little bit of everything one could want out of a funeral doom metal piece with foreboding, guttural vocals to match alongside an ever-present crushing sound and slow pace that simply grinds along as it will. But Mohraang incorporates something else that many others have but to not to such a degree as with this record – atmosphere. Almost constantly there’s a very ominous sense about the music that simply doesn’t back off or relent, but only bores deeper into your psyche.There’s plenty of room for improvement with “Underworld of Khorrendus” if I’m to be fully honest. Mostly because it just sounds so dry and there’s not much variety to be going on in terms of rhythm or anything of the such throughout the album. While that didn’t kill the record for me, it definitely dampened my overall enjoyment in the long run.

After finishing this debut, however, I came to the conclusion that there’s plenty of talent to be found in the man behind Mohraang. Yes, his first work has got its kinks, but that’s the whole part of learning process as a musician isn’t it? “Under of Khorrendus” is without a doubt the reason why I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for this man in the future, as should you.

LISTEN to “Underworld of Khorrendus” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.


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