HammerFall – Hammer High (single)

hammerfall-built-to-last If you were to ask me who the current kings of power metal would be I’d have to say HammerFall undoubtedly. Yes, there’s many other great bands of its kind in the world, but HammerFall has never ceased to disappoint. And there’s nothing wrong with going back to your beginnings, which is precisely what HammerFall seem to be doing. “Hammer High” is but a taste of what could be HammerFall’s best album in years.

Whenever a band goes on any sort of hiatus, I totally get it. Life and other things tend to get in the way and us fans have no choice but to wait out what hopefully won’t become a permanent split. Luckily, the break that HammerFall had recently returned from was to refresh their creativity if I’m correct, and I find that very encouraging given how the final product is slowly turning out. First, we got “The Sacred Vow” single that got fans everywhere, myself included, extremely excited, but it’s “Hammer High” that cement the mind frame HammerFall was in for recording the whole album, “Built to Last”. The whole song has this classic power metal vibe, sound, and tone that persist through the entire song, and it makes it the most entertaining song the band has ever put out since “Last Man Standing” if I’m to be honest. Group vocals and capturing melodies helped bring this epic track together, watering the palette for only more excellent power metal the likes of which only HammerFall could bust out. The song is pure perfection no matter what way you look at it, and waiting for “Built to Last” itself is nothing short of torture, personally.

I started out this year with the hope that many a band that I enjoy will later announce new albums. So far, I’ve yet to be disappointed and I’ve no doubt HammerFall will be an end to that trend with “Built to Last”. With “Hammer High” leading the way, how can we have nothing but anticipation for the record?

“Built to Last” releases on November 4th!

PRE-ORDER “Built to Last” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Hammer High” via YouTube here, or below.

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FOLLOW HammerFall on Twitter : @HammerFall


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