Chiral – Gazing Light Eternity

a1859560947_10 I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something so goddamn alluring about one man bands. Maybe it’s seeing what one person can accomplish musically, or maybe it’s to see how a group of say three or four can compare to one person. Chiral is one of those elite bands of its kind in my opinion, and he’s been constantly proving me right with each new album. “Gazing Light Eternity” is no exception by far.

The album itself is about “the evolution and perception of the perpetual flow of time on men, places and memories” which that in it of itself is a pretty fucking broad topic to cover. That can be good and bad being how much freedom you can have with the subject, but then there’s the matter of making it both cohesive and entertaining in the end. But Chiral manage to pull it off spot on with “Gazing Light Eternity”. It truly delves deep into the ancient, and sometimes long forgotten, mankind wonder of the ebb and flow of time as a whole and entirety. Filled with hypnotic and transcending rhythms, this four track album somehow encompass an entire cosmos’ worth of awe and astoundment that just keeps on giving even after songs that exceed over 10 minutes long conclude. “Gazing Light Eternity” somehow cuts real deep into your spirit itself, hooks itself in, and takes you for a trip through infinity that you didn’t know you always wanted, and it won’t end until the end of the record. While this is a wondrous piece of superb musicianship, it is also an ideal album to put out as background music with the atmosphere acting as the perfect backdrop for many occasions, those of which I’m too lazy to list.

Whichever way you look at it, “Gazing Light Eternity” is a hell of an album to listen to for not just fans of the atmospheric black metal, but anyone who wants to go on a trip through both eternity and infinity. Chiral has proven to be a man whose work demands attention, and that fact is not going away any time soon if excellence the likes of “Gazing Light Eternity” continues to be put out.

“Gazing Light Eternity” releases on October 27th!

PRE-ORDER “Gazing Light Eternity” on Bandcamp here.

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