Alter Bridge – The Last Hero

Cover1 copy As someone who is constantly in the metal community and sees all the diversity and extremes of differing opinions that go on with literally everything, I rarely see the community agree on something as a whole. And when it does happen and I don’t know about the topic at hand, I tend to gravitate towards the situation and investigate. Hence it led me to enjoy the absolute stunner of a record that is Alter Bridge’s “The Last Hero”.

These guys are probably the definition of a hard rock band as just everything about Alter Bridge is naught but a contained rage mixed with a somewhat friendly but very approachable sound for many listeners, and it easily comes to a peak with “The Last Hero”. The whopping 13-tracks off this record (not including the bonus song) are without doubt a trip of aggression that is at the same time very forgiving in terms of sound and melody that will grip every person who listens to even 30-seconds of one track for the entirety of this rock revolution. My favorite part about “The Last Hero”, though, has to be the simple fact that every track doesn’t sound the same. Such is a fate that many rock titans succumb to at some point in their career, but Alter Bridge prove that time has not yet come for them if it ever will. I will even go as far to say that Alter Bridge has made what could possibly be the quintessential hard rock album of this year with less than a hand full of other bands even coming close to even tying with the supreme excellent time that is “The Last Hero”.

If you want a fucking killer of a time that you will be definitely hear spread across the radio, this is what you need to mark your calendar for, kids. Alter Bridge managed to only to succeed with “The Last Hero” and I can promise you the second it’s available you and everyone else who hears it will be shouting as one in agreement with this one giant anthem of rock.

“The Last Hero” releases on October 7th!

PRE-ORDER “The Last Hero” via iTunes here.

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