Brant Bjork – Tao of the Devil

667_brantbjork_rgb There’s almost nothing that can compare to a good ride in the car with the windows down, the sun setting beautifully in the distance, and the wind flowing magnificently. Nothing. Just a laid back, chilled the fuck out feel that simply cannot be recreated. Now, imagine a band that captured that. Yes, many have done it before and still do, but few do it as excellently as Brant Bjork has done with this upcoming album.

I know that cover art doesn’t exactly scream “god tier quality stoner rock”, but just stay with me. The seven tracks that are held within “Tao of the Devil” are honestly some of the most laid back slabs of stoner rock that I’ve ever encountered ever. This is just one of those records that I could honestly see the entire album going for radio play because of its sheer quality alone – that’s how good “Tao of the Devil” is! It has a super relax atmosphere throughout the entirety of the piece that somehow keeps you engaged despite how some people would want to tune it out because it’s not all that upbeat or energetic in ways many people like to think of rock. But don’t let that cloud your final judgement of “Tao of the Devil” because it is without a doubt one fucking hell of a good time. If you have ever wanted to know what the kick-back attitude of the western desert-scape of the US would sound like as a rock album, Brant Bjork has got your fucking number all the way to the goddamn bank with this record. A very specific description to be thrown onto any record, I know, but that is “Tao of the Devil” in but a few words, and I can truthfully say that after multiple listens the two go together extremely well.

This is easily a rock album that I can’t help but suggest to any fan of rock who wants to have a good time. Maybe take a good puff to enhance the feels, Brant Bjork doesn’t care, I’m sure. “Tao of the Devil” is just an album that is synonymous with the term “feel good”, without a doubt.

“Tao of the Devil” releases on September 30th!

PRE-ORDER “Tao of the Devil” via iTunes here.

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