Neurosis – Fires Within Fires

tp0004c_Double_Gate_Cover_only I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the search for bands that have a unique flavor to them that only years of experience and pure brilliance can create. In that search, I came to find Neurosis had released a new album, so I thought an investigation was required. Immediately after doing so did I realize what a great idea that was.

Oddly enough, I’ve never listened to Neurosis before. They’ve always been one of those bands that I always wanted to check out, but never got around to it out of pure laziness. So really, the only reason I wanted to listen to “Fires Within Fires” was because I wanted to start somewhere, and the newest material is almost always a nice place to start, and goddamn does it apply to this situation! This record is fucking insanity! It’s got five tracks but Neurosis use their very special, sometimes even psychedelic, amalgam of doom metal to create an experience that you simply don’t get a whole lot of in this world anymore, at least not on this scale. “Fires Within Fires” packs a real fucking smack across the face, throwing you into the brutal, unforgiving dimension that continuously prods and pokes at your being while at the same time taking you to a different plane entirely to drift amongst the ever present void. That’s the kind of atmosphere Neurosis brought with a scant five tracks. Never before has something crushed in on my consciousness and took me to a mental state few can with but five songs, and I know many others have already experienced the same euphoria. Simply put, Neurosis have crafted something that can only be titled as unique and an essential listen for anyone looking to spice up their playlist ten thousand fold.

This may not be one of my favorite albums of the year, I’ll be honest with you, but it is no less one of those that stunned me the most. “Fires Within Fires” is, without a doubt, getting two thumbs way up from me, and the same goes for many others around the world. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go catch up on the epic catalog of Neurosis.

BUY “Fires Within Fires” via iTunes here.

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