Insomnium – Winter’s Gate

14368807_10153828160026641_8050473014448715967_n To have the ambition to create a one track album that extends over 40 minutes long is a difficult one. Difficult in terms of creativity, musicianship, and sheer willpower to pull it off. Very few bands attempt such a feat, and even less manage to make it work. Insomnium is the latest group to show that they aren’t fucking around by giving us “Winter’s Gate”.

While, yes,  the album itself is split up into seven different parts, the entirety of “Winter’s Gate” is without doubt one continuous track. The last band that was able to do an album like this and do it right was Kauan with “Sorni Nai”, and before that, it was Inter Arma with “The Cavern”, but now it’s Insomnium’s turn. And as if we needed any more proof as to how awesome they are! “Winter’s Gate” is clearly Insomnium’s most ambitious work to date, and is already an instant classic amongst the metalheads who’ve heard it today (release day). The fact that the album seems to have everything it could possibly need makes it even greater. “Winter’s Gate” is an absolute beauty of a mix between the crushing melodic death that Insomnium are known for, a serene calm that was crafted so diligently and so well that it’s nothing short of stunning, and just the right touch of psychedelia that you are transported to somewhere very special that you don’t want to leave. Everything just came together flawlessly to the point where I can’t even pick apart the vocals, drums, or anything else simply because it’s all done excellently well! There’s just no other way for me to put it for once. I’m truly at a loss for words with “Winter’s Gate”.

I’m truly at a loss for words with “Winter’s Gate”. It’s quite possibly the most ambitious product of metal this year, and many others clearly agree. If you want something that’s absolutely monumental and just can’t be ignored, Insomnium has got just the thing for you.

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