Black Hare – Reincarnation

a3408023105_10 Everyone has a small list of bands that they find noteworthy, but not anything particularly that would blow minds by any means. But you’re still able to see a glimmer of talent and something pretty awesome is somewhere to be found within that band no one else seems to know about. For me, one of those bands is Black Hare and goddamn am I glad I held out for these gentlemen.

Seeing an album cover like that you’d imagine the following music would be pretty dark and a real punch to the face in many regards, no? Well, I would and I know I did with “Reincarnation”. That’s oddly not the case with Black Hare as the EP is pretty balanced in terms of intensity and refinement. It’s pretty weird because if I actually had to sum up this piece in a few words it’d definitely be “refined intensity”. But the five tracks found within “Reincarnation” are clear, irrefutable proof that Black Hare has evolved as a band since their last release two years ago. The whole EP just seems to have infinitely more weight to it, especially in terms of meaning and emotion, and you can really feel it in tracks like “Sin Tax” and “A Song for KCO” where everything just comes together terrifically. From the very nicely done guitars to the groovy bass from the vocals that were simply all over the fucking place, Black Hare have definitely shown that their understanding of making music has gone through the roof in recent times.

Now, let me just say that I’m not in love with “Reincarnation” as it’s got a few, albeit pretty small, kinks to it that need to be ironed out and built over in order for me to give it the two thumbs way up. However, Black Hare in two years has gone from that local band that plays here and there because they wanna to a group of musicians who are here to make a statement. And today, “Reincarnation” is that statement.

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