Barloventos – La senda Etérica

13071835_955500241171936_861842946672989520_o It’s always the more whimsical things in life that keep plenty of people going, and I’m definitely one of them. And really one of the few genres of metal that really can be whimsical anymore is folk metal, and I have been on the recent search for something new with a carefree attitude about it while also sounding good, naturally. Thankfully, out of Argentina comes the band of Barloventos who know exactly how to deliver the kind of stuff I’ve been looking for.

Their latest helping of folk metal, “La senda Etérica”, is nothing short of a good time if you ask me. What does a good folk metal band need? It needs to be capturing, has a different theme to it, has extra instruments such as a violin, and/or a gimmick to it. Barvolentos manage to find a good balance of all that with “La senda Etérica” which essentially made it a very well rounded and enjoyable album to behold. All throughout the record you can hear excellent use of an accordion, violin, and piano in ways that can shift the mood from whimsical to even a tad melancholy depending on how they’re used, but for the most part the majority of “La senda Etérica” is a pretty upbeat piece that doesn’t disappoint. But there’s one pretty big thing for an American like me who sadly can only fluidly speak English: the vocals are solely done in Spanish. I find that to be fantastic as it gives “La senda Etérica” this foreign sound to it that I personally don’t come across often, and it also goes along with the theme of the cover art somewhat with exploration and all that good stuff. The vocals really helped tie everything together as well as they helped bring a real flow to the music, and it just helped “La senda Etérica” become so much more enjoyable for me, and in the end that’s always a magnificent thing.

The idea of a sleeper hit is one that I don’t use very often, and I’m not about to say that I think “La senda Etérica” is or will become one, but I really wish it would. It’s got so much to enjoy out of it and demonstrate the amount of potential Barloventos have as a band. I can’t wait to hear what else these gentlemen from Argentina will bust out next, and if you’re into folk metal at all I’d definitely have to recommend a spin or two of this album, no question.

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