Forlatt – Aldri

a3749840261_10 I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the search for a band who can pull off super long songs. I don’t mean ten or twelve minutes long, that’s nothing when you get into doom metal. I mean over twenty minutes. Not many bands can take on such a challenge and it’s been a while since I’ve seen one, but Forlatt is now the latest of its kind that I’ve had the grand pleasure of coming across.

The latest thing to come from the one man band of Forlatt is the album of “Aldri”. It has but three tracks but does not let that deter you in any way as the piece itself holds an experience that clocks in well over a whopping 91 minutes long! That’s over an hour and a half of material for those of you who don’t feel like thinking today. If you ever wanted to be thrown into a long experience of an album whose shortest is track stretches over 24 minutes of solid post-rock, then Forlatt has got the thing for you. Another thing to note about “Aldri” is the fact that the vast majority of the piece is instrumental which really allows the listener to have the music go in whatever direction you please, but there is one thing that breaks up the overall enjoyment I got out of the album. It’s the simple fact that there’s not much diversity over time, by that I mean you could be hearing the same rhythm or beat for over five minutes. While I can’t say any of the sounds got bad or dulled over time, the mind desires change and not just the same thing over and over again with music. That being said, “Aldri” is still a magnificent piece to listen to and put in the background if you wanna go do something with your life like me writing this shit for you. In my opinion, excellent background noise, but not so much for focused listening.

A flawed but still enjoyable creation, Forlatt has made something that you just can’t deny the genius behind whether you enjoyed the album or not. I want more albums like “Aldri” in the future, and I’ve got confidence in saying that with time Forlatt can further his talent and create something truly masterful.

LISTEN to “Aldri” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Forlatt on Facebook here.


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