Rudra – Enemy of Duality

rudra-enemyofduality The only limit that a band can truly have is their imagination. You can use an instrument or a perform a style however you please, but it’s the imagination used to create the content that tends to make or break a record. Innovations like pirate and samurai metal have gripped thousands – maybe even millions! – such as myself, but there’s always so much more to behold out in the corners of the world. From India, Rudra has been perfecting the art known as Vedic metal.

It’s a weird thing, Vedic metal. In its essence, the unique style takes the philosophies and ideas behind the spiritual side of Indian culture and converting them into an extreme metal format that’s a very tasty blend of death, black, and thrash metal. Mostly black in my opinion, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that I’ve never heard of this band before, and I know many others haven’t, so I went in not knowing what to expect off Rudra’s upcoming piece, “Enemy of Duality”, but what I found was nothing short of extraordinary. It’s the simple fact that something so ambitious and different can be made into something coherent and delicious that makes this album so amazing to me. The additional instruments along with the vile intensity that Rudra manage to bring all throughout this eight track album create this experience that I can only describe as one hundred percent required. Then there’s the factor of how there’re so many ups and downs and changes in pace that do naught but wet your palette and your eventual desire of even more. Rudra isn’t afraid to get a little bit riff-y with “Enemy of Duality” either, as one of the tracks goes straight to the point with the sizzling hooks that do nothing but keep your attention glued to the chaos for the entire song. As if you wouldn’t be hypnotized at that point already! And by the end of “Enemy of Duality” . . . there was nothing else I could do other than starting it over again because I just wanted more, and that’s not something you see out of some band’s seemingly random and fresh concoction of metal that few are doing in the entire world. but Rudra has proven with this record alone they’ve got the formula done air tight.

If you were to mark your little calendars down for any albums that will come out late this year, you should be damn sure that this is definitely one of them! “Enemy of Duality” is nothing short of an extravagant display that should not be passed up for anything, and after starting to listen to the phenomenon it’s not hard to see why.

“Enemy of Duality” releases on December 17th!

LISTEN to the track “Slay the Demon of Duality” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Rudra on Facebook here.

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