Starchitect – Shift

shift I always find revisiting bands very intriguing, especially those I don’t tend to listen to because I like to hear how the group has changed – evolved, even. I by no means am a frequent listener of Starchitect, but I wanted to see how they changed after their last album that came out early this year, and the follow-up is literally the definition of an upgrade.

The thing that I really like about Starchitect is how they’ve got a solid post rock style premise that they nailed pretty well on my first foray into their world, but it didn’t really capture me. “Shift” is the exact fucking opposite. The beginning of all six tracks off this record have juicy riffs that aren’t simple cave man riffs that any asshole can pull off, but there’s a layer of complexity that is all but enticing as the surreal mix of the guitars, drums, bass, and synths make a solid combination. This is also the type of music that you can zen out to as the vast majority of “Shift” is instrumental, or at the very least seems that way, and that allows it to fit in many a situation, unlike music with more often used vocals. That being said, Starchitect still has a while to go as in the long run their music that sometimes goes well over 8 minutes for a single track is still entertaining, but there still lacks the consistent reasons for you to keep listening, and it honestly made me start to doze off. Not in a “this is fucking bored” way, but more in a way that it needed more substance to it. But that’s just me nitpicking something that in the grand scheme of things I can’t really complain about.

Overall, I honestly couldn’t have asked more out of a band that is still practically just starting out and has plenty to learn, and Starchitect has clearly shown they can improve. “Shift” is an interesting piece that definitely prompts investing some time in, and if you also want something to chill out to and not have to think about it in order to enjoy it, Starchitect know exactly what you want.

“Shift” releases on October 5th!

LISTEN to the track “Nuovo III” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Starchitect on Facebook here.


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