Azooma – Plague of Predator (single)

14322373_10153734294396345_6049743387570386896_n I understand the favoritism plays a big role in all sorts of criticism, and I’m no exception as I almost always do a review for a band I love that puts out new material. I try to be as fair as possible and listen to it for fun at first, then a little more seriously second. I then base my overall opinion around both experiences and give my honest view no matter the band. All that being said, Azooma, as one of my top favorites, is showing nothing but excellence once again.

Now, I said favorites, but allow me to be more specific. This Iranian tech-death band is easily one of if not my favorite band of its kind in the entire fucking world, underground and all. Before a few days ago they’ve only had one piece of material: 2014’s “A Hymn of a Vicious Monster”, and it still stands on its own today extremely strongly. It took two years for them to follow it up, but goddamn was the wait ever so worth it. They’ve announced their upcoming “The Act of Eye”, and we’ve got a single out of it, “Plague of Predator”, and it is honestly more than anything anyone could’ve expected out of these guys. Pulling off excellence is one thing, but taking what you’ve previously done and kicking the awesomeness levels up 3000% is whole other thing entirely, yet Azooma seemed to have done it here. “Plague of Predator” is an immensely exciting and dynamic 6 and a half minutes that had me smashing replay for the entire goddamn day it was released on YouTube, and I still have yet to stop throwing money at the screen for more. Everything was done so fucking well! The brutal as fuck vocals, mind-bending rhythms and intricate hooks that you don’t even realize are there, the drums the pull off the same effect on you as that poor bastard in that beautiful cover art, and there’s even a fucking organ to close out the epic experience! What more could you possibly want? Well if you do want more out of it then maybe the additional vocals of Dave Rotten from Avulsed will get you going as the two vocals have a perfect synergy for this type of destruction. If there was ever to be a perfect teaser for an album that deserves to be heard from a band that deserves far more recognition, “Plague of Predator” is just that track and with an absolute plethora of reasons why.

In complete honesty, there were a good few albums I was really looking forward to this year. Ende, Sabaton, The Temperance Movement, Inter Arma, Whispered, and many others were on my list of albums I simply couldn’t miss. Now, almost no other album of all of this year is making me as excited as “The Act of Eye”. I know you can’t see, but my hands are shaking with pure anticipation for this release that will surely show the true potential of Azooma in its full glory. But for now, we must bask in the excellence that is “Plague of Predator”.

“The Act of Eye” releases on October 10th!

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