Akasava – Nothing at Dawn

a4068910906_10 It was at the tail end of last year that the world was introduced to the stylistically unique approach that Akasava took to with their music. It was extremely interesting and showed plenty of promise, but needed work. With pleasure, I can say they’ve not been still this past year, as it is their brand new upcoming full-length album that shows how much they’ve evolved their sound.

If you’re unaware of the unique palette that is Akasava’s sound (which I’m expecting most everyone reading this to be) then allow me to lay it out for you: a sexy combination of the unique sounds that are both occult rock and psychedelic doom. While that sounds like the definition of a cluster fuck, Akasava manages to make it work pretty fucking well and it’s “Nothing at Dawn” that truly demonstrates the sound that I believe these French gentlemen were aiming for when they first set out. The entirety of this eight track first shot at a full-length record is nothing short of extraordinary if I do say so myself. There are moments where the doom really comes through to create this heavier atmosphere that is only amplified by the psychedelic elements to make the concoction all the sweeter. Then imagine mixing that with the riffs and themes of occult rock to truly tantalize the senses all the way to the fucking bank. Such a contrast is a staggering undertaking to say the very least, and that makes it all the more impressive to me to see how well Akasava pulled it off with “Nothing at Dawn”. This is a surprisingly entertaining album no matter how you slice it, and I’ve got nothing but confidence

This is a surprisingly entertaining album no matter how you slice it, and I’ve got nothing but confidence in saying that this is but the tip of the iceberg for Akasava. Give them some more time for thinking of new ideas and then processing them, and we could get something even more magnificent than “Nothing at Dawn”. Now that would be fucking ridiculous in every sense of the word.

“Nothing at Dawn” releases on November 11th!

LISTEN to the track “The Devil’s Tide” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

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FOLLOW Akasava on Twitter : @Akasava_band


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