Fetid Zombie – Epicedia

fetidzombiebandcamp There are few bands out there can somehow manage to transcend genre boundaries yet still be able to keep to a core genre. And some of those bands are criminally unknown such as Fetid Zombie. This band is fucking legendary in the underground, but at the same time, it still doesn’t have the respect it rightfully deserves. As my prime and only reason for an explanation, I present to you “Epicedia” – the most ridiculous death metal album you’ll hear this decade.

I’m not going to even begin to sugar coat it or have any sort of build up. Instead, I’ll say it flat out: Fetid Zombie has created what is possibly the quintessential album of 2016 by fucking miles. Now, I know. “What about [insert band name here]” or “But don’t forget [band I’ve never heard of]” you may be saying. Valid points, yes, but no other straight death metal band that I’ve heard this year, no matter how marvelous they may be, have come even close to what has been conjured up with “Epicedia”. Imagine a death metal album that touched just about every other major sub-genre of metal (thrash, doom, black) just a little bit, and balanced it all into a 35 minute 4-track trip through hell that you will want to take over, and over, and over again. That’s but the surface of the surface of Fetid Zombie right here. And it’s not surprising to hear all these many different elements come together so fluidly when you got the mastermind behind Fetid Zombie working with so many different artists. These artists come from literally all over the globe with people from the likes of Revel in Flesh, Svierg, Where Evil Follows, Bane of Bedlam, and much more contributing to “Epicedia” in the form of acoustic bits, ripping solos, and additional vocals to make this album a brilliant stroke of unholy magic. And much like how Rob Zombie (no pun or Zombie connection intended, I swear) made a love letter to classic horror film with “House of 1000 Corpses”, Fetid Zombie seem to have made a love letter to the old school of death metal with “Epicedia” even though it has its own twists and turns. A damn near perfect fucking record, and I never fucking say that.

You have a simple choice when the release date of “Epicedia” comes around. You can either sit on your ass and just let it pass you by, or you can experience what is without a doubt the most exciting piece of pure, unadulterated death metal that we will hear in 2016. I know what I’ll be doing when that day comes along, and I expect you to do the very fucking same.

“Epicedia” releases on November 25th!

LISTEN to the track “Devour the Virtuous” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Fetid Zombie on Facebook here.

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