Queen Elephantine – Kala

bandcamp-1 Every so often you come across a new band and simply go “what the fuck am I listening to”. Whether it’s a good or bad thing obviously depends on the person, of course, but sometimes there’s a band that comes along that strikes you like none before it, and that leads to immense of levels of amazement that only fresh discovery can create. I’ve never once heard of Queen Elephantine before, but goddamn do I want more after hearing the trip that is “Kala”.

I’ve always been a big fan of anything that is almost purely psychedelic to the point where you feel like it’s taking you to another plane of existence altogether. Plenty of bands have the capacity to do so with great skill, but Queen Elephantine sticks out from the crowd. Not simply because of the fact that the band itself consists of fucking 10 different people but that is, without a doubt, a massive piece to the puzzle that is their style. And what is their style you may ask? A nice, different take on the idea of psychedelic doom that really teeters between rock and metal, but the intensity shows its face just enough to where I’d place it under the metal jurisdiction, but that has no effect on the ultimate awesomeness of that came out of this record. “Kala” contains a very transcending set of six tracks that surmount to a total run time of over 48 fucking minutes long to make this one doozy of a journey in terms of both content and time investment. But it’s all completely worth it, I assure you! While there are some moments that just put me right to sleep (and no in a good way), they are but a hand full of incidents with the vast majority of the album being surprisingly well crafted in such a way that I never could’ve seen coming. The vocals are spot on, the multiple sets of guitars come together so fluidly it’s hard to comprehend, the synths add multiple layers to the mix, and drums create beats from alternate dimensions create a sound so transparent that even after listening to “Kala” . . . it’s still ridiculous to see a final product such as this come out. Then there’s shit like mellotron in there! I don’t even know what that fucking is, but I love it because Queen Elephantine used it so masterfully that I just want to hear more of it however I can! And that goes for the whole of this album! I simply want more, and a fucking lot more!

“Kala” has truly captured my imagination with this wonderful style that I’ve heard the elements of in many, many bands, but never did I once fathom that they could all be cohesively brought together in such a mind blowing way before. Queen Elephantine truly have talent that needs to be heard amongst much more of the populace, and I’ve no qualms saying that shit will only get better after these brilliant minds of New England come together once more to blow ours.

“Kala” releases on October 21st!

LISTEN to the track “Quartz” off the album on Bandcamp here, or below.

LIKE Queen Elephantine on Facebook here.


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