Evil Invaders – In For the Kill

688_evilinvaders_cmyk There’s nothing quite like some good thrash metal, am I right? Of course I am! It’s thrash done right for the love of all things fast, but the one thing that could make it better is if you were to have a sound straight out of the 80s/90s. That’s something Evil Invaders has been known for and I think they’re awesome for it. Should you want new, sexy, blood thirsty thrash that is only just taking off, does this band have the treat for you.

It was last year’s album of “Pulses of Pleasure” that made me a fan of these Belgian thrashers, and sadly it was just so delicious and well done that I feared that would be the peak of Evil Invaders. Luckily, I’m wrong about an absolute shit ton of madness and that little fear is without doubt one of them. The only proof I need is but four tracks, two new and two live versions of some I’ve already heard before. That’s what the upcoming EP of “In For the Kill” is. The EP contains two brand spankin’ new songs straight from the studio and then the epic live recordings of both “Pulses of Pleasure” and “Victim of Sacrifice”. Albeit very little substance to work with, Evil Invaders still manage to make the scant four tracks fucking entertaining to the absolute maximum in terms of both speed and sheer power. The music, both old and new, is made up of the sickest and fastest riffs you could possibly ever think of, and ripping solos that don’t even know the meaning of quit as they continuously assault your ears in the most pleasure filled way imaginable.

In its essence, though, “In For the Kill” is irrefutable proof that Evil Invaders are by no means a band that can only put out one good album. Albeit not much to go off of, two tracks of pure genius can mean a world of difference if the material is put in the right hands. And I firmly believe now more than ever that the hands of Evil Invaders are beyond the right ones for the task, and if you want a reminder of yourself then “In For the Kill” is exactly what you fucking need.

“In For the Kill” releases on September 30th!

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