Kyng – Pristine Warning (single)

14225545_10154574244562318_600577948927168827_n Ever since Kyng’s magnificent last album, “Burn the Serum”, the bar was been raised significantly with songs like “Electric Halo” and “Big Ugly Me” absolutely dominating. Many people, including myself, eagerly awaiting to see what else this trio could do with their excellent hard rock formula. And now we have a taste of what Kyng has been cooking for us, and it’s oh so delicious.

When you want a single it’s gotta be at least a little catchy and some stand out features that’ll really draw new and old listeners alike in and get them thinking about what the whole album will sound like, correct? That’s the approach that Kyng seemed to have taken with this new song, “Pristine Warning”, is quite a few ways. The most obvious is the opening which is heavier than what Kyng have been known to do as it’s pretty fuckin’ bass heavy, but it does what the beginning of a song should and Kyng pulled it off magnificently. Remainder of the song, however, doesn’t really have anything massively different from what Kyng have already done, and I’m 100% okay with that, personally. The smooth vocals, sexy riffs, and overall awesomeness that this Californian band has been known for is all right here rolled up into a very nice three minute song that’s hard to stop listening to once you begin. If there were ever a good song to set the tone, it’s this one for it is both the first track we’ve heard off the album (titled “Breathe in the Water” in case you can’t read) as well as its opening track. Hell of an impression and good way to start of an album of any sort.

I’m personally beyond excited for “Breathe in the Water”, myself, simply because “Pristine Warning” is nothing but an excellent slab of hard rock in every single sense. One song is never enough to judge a full album, and the full record has another whopping 13 to go through, but we’re already off to a fucking brilliant start here with this delicious helping.

“Breathe in the Water” releases on October 7th!

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