Oldd Wvrms – Ignobilis

a2213742998_10 Delving into the world of the weird and abnormal can go plenty of different ways, and it’s either going to end in you being freaked out or wanting more. I hadn’t heard anything remotely weird for a while, but along came Oldd Wvrms. Their brand new album of “Ignobilis” is a unique blend of blackened doom that has the potential to attract the strange and unusual to something strange and unusual, in a very good way.

Hell, even the band’s name and its spelling alone is pretty out there enough to where it immediately grabbed my attention, which is saying a lot considering it’s but two whole words. Oldd Wvrms truly know how to leave an impression before playing even a single note of music with that very dark cover art, but the nastiness and all the ominous feelings of the cover translate brilliantly into the music. The scant four tracks of “Ignobilis” manage to take up a whopping 40 minutes. Definitely not expecting that, but what else could you want out of a doom album other than crushing brutality. Instead, Oldd Wvrms serves up a platter of deeply disturbing yet immensely entertaining. Sick riffs the likes of which you could only find only a doom record with a tad of sludge thrown in there for good measure, and “Ignobilis” shows that Oldd Wvrms aren’t simply jumping into the mix not knowing a single thing to do. The whole of this album is just so disturbing down to the very core yet has so accessible riffs and hooks that any fan of music can get into, it’s simply ridiculous to see this come out of some random ass band. Disturbing enough to satisfy those who want the full force of the darker side, and catchy enough for those who showed up for them sick beats.

“Ignobilis” came out months apart from the debut full length of this Belgian band, and I haven’t heard it but I’ve no doubt I’d find nothing but improvement. Oldd Wvrms left one hell of an impression with the opening track alone, then the whole album simply blew me away, and now I’m just waiting to shit my pants with whatever else these fine gentlemen will somehow manage to push out.

LISTEN to “Ignobilis” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Oldd Wvrms on Facebook here.


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