The Re-Stoned – Reptiles Return

a0775123584_10 I don’t know about you, but the day of me writing this has been a very long and tiring one for me after a lovely 10-hour shift at work. After trudging myself home, I would’ve killed for something that was just super laid back and required no thinking required to enjoy whatever. Lucky for me, The Re-Stoned gave me exactly what I fucking needed with their killer new album of “Reptiles Return”.

What I’m alluding to in terms of what kind of music The Re-Stoned perform if you aren’t already well is psychedelic rock. Now, that style alone has some pretty fucking great artists, but how many other bands can you name of the top of your head that do instrumental psych-rock and do it really well? I can only name one: My Sleeping Karma. Other than that my knowledge is literally nonexistent, and not from lack of trying. But yet The Re-Stoned instantly make an extremely good first impression within seconds of “Reptiles Reborn” as it has got everything you could want. It’s got the sick riffs, it’s got an easy yet magnificent tone that carries throughout the whole album, and pure excellence that doesn’t begin to wane for even a fucking moment. All eight tracks (barring 2 bonus songs) off “Reptiles Return” are all wondrously crafted and masterfully executed riffs and beats that weave together and make a sound that is somehow so fluid in nature that even after multiple spins of the record, I still can’t help but give a standing ovation to The Re-Stoned. The whole of this album is just simply stunning from the standpoint in terms of the area that this unique style can explore along with the massive levels of enjoyment that it can behold. How often is it again that there’s a style that has so much promise yet is hardly explored in today’s world of innovation and trying to stand out? Not very, and we should not let such excellence the likes of which “Reptiles Reborn” demonstrates pass up.

It’s without doubt that The Re-Stoned are simply one of those bands that any casual music fan should and must know of. They’ve clearly got the talent to stun a listener with pure rock magnificence and it’s shown in clear surplus with “Reptiles Return”.

LISTEN to “Reptiles Return” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Re-Stoned on Facebook here.


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